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Many parents may have questions about learning Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese is already an essential language for future communication. If you want your child to have an early exposure to Mandarin Chinese, let us use a fun and playful approach to gradually cultivate their love for the language.

We have the most professional teachers and customized courses to help your child get ahead.

Why learns Mandarin? Is it better to start from a young age?

Mandarin has become an internationally indispensable language and is considered as important as English as an international communication language. Whether it is in business trade or day-to-day conversation, Chinese is often used.

As language acquisition is best to be cultivated from an early age, especially during the ages of 4 to 7 when language learning is the fastest, starting exposure to Mandarin in early childhood is undoubtedly essential in enhancing international competitiveness!

How do I begin my Chinese learning journey? How do I get my child started learning Chinese?

Starting your Chinese language learning journey or helping your child start theirs doesn’t have to be difficult. We have a team of professional instructors and pre-course evaluations to provide you with personalized and expert recommendations.

We offer a variety of courses, ranging from classes for children with picture books, adult classes for beginners, and Chinese culture classes to custom-tailored courses, all led by professional teachers. With Lumos, you will find building a strong foundation in the Chinese language an easy task!

What if my child is not excited about speaking Chinese at first?

No worries! Our teachers at Lumos have plenty of experience teaching young children. We start by capturing their attention with picture books, animated videos, and dance-along songs. Through this dynamic and interactive teaching style, your child’s Chinese speaking and listening skills will improve over time as well as their interest in learning Chinese!

What’s more, we also have self-developed and unique game modes that motivate children to progress and eventually fall in love with the language. We also plan to incorporate VR technology in the near future to make learning even more appealing for kids!

Where do Lumos’s teachers come from? What sets Lumos apart from other Chinese tutoring centers?

Our teachers at Lumos have educational backgrounds in Chinese teaching or graduated from Chinese language departments at renowned universities. They are experts and have extensive experience in teaching Mandarin.

The curriculum at Lumos is constantly tested and refined to create a perfect teaching system. Additionally, Lumos holds the goal of teaching with patience and perseverance. We firmly believe that “When children discover and experience the sense of achievement, they will start to learn on their own!”

For children with zero foundation in Mandarin, which system (Pinyin or Bopomofo) and character format ( Traditional or Simplified) is better for them? How to choose?

Our team at Lumos will have professional instructors who can explain and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these different writing systems for you. We will help you understand which one is the best choice for you or your child’s learning journey.

I want to know more about Lumos! How can I get in touch?

If you have more questions or are looking for advice on Chinese learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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