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Section1. Member’s rights and interests

  1. When you use the services, it indicates that you agree to and comply with the provisions of the terms of service and the related legal regulations.
  2. The company reserves the right to review the membership qualifications, and the site also reserves the right to terminate the membership of members who have already joined.
  3. The amendment of these terms of service applies to all members. When the site revises the terms of service, it will be announced on the site.

       Section 2. Privacy protection

     1.Respect and protect your privacy in accordance with the privacy policy of the website (please refer to the “Privacy Policy” provisions).

Section 3. Member

1.When using the membership services provided by the company, use the account and password registered at the time of joining the membership.

2.Members should properly use and manage their account and password. Members shall bear all responsibilities for all actions and results arising from the use of the account and password of the member (regardless of the member himself or others) to use the services of the company.

3.In case of loss of the member’s account and password, or if unauthorized use by a third party is discovered, the member should immediately notify the company to report the loss. If the member does not promptly notify, resulting in the company’s inability to effectively prevent and modify, the member shall bear full responsibility for all losses.

4.After each use of the service, the member shall log out and close the window to ensure your membership rights.

5.The theft of the account and password of a third party member, leading to the investigation or prosecution by a third party or government agency, the member shall be solely responsible.

Section 4: Member Registration Information

  1. Members must provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information.
  2. The registration information must not be false or misleading (such as personal information and credit card information). Once discovered, the company has the right to refuse the membership and may suspend or terminate the membership. If it violates the relevant laws of the Republic of China, it will be subject to legal prosecution.
  3. When basic member information (such as address, phone number, and other registration information) changes, please update the relevant personal information periodically to ensure its accuracy and completeness. If the information provided by you is incorrect or does not match, the company has the right to temporarily suspend or terminate your account and refuse your continued use of this service.
  4. The company will not generally disclose information involving personal privacy to third parties without the consent of the member. However, the principle of data sharing is not limited here (please refer to the related provisions in the site’s “Privacy Policy”).
  5. Members should properly protect their passwords and must not disclose or provide them to others. All actions taken using the same member ID and password are considered to be the actions of the member and password holder.
  6. If the member discovers or suspects that a third party is using their member ID or password, they should immediately notify the company and take necessary precautions. However, such notification does not imply that the company has any form of compensation or responsibility to the member.

Section 5. Use Behavior

You must follow all local and international laws and regulations when using this service. You are solely responsible for your actions and must not use this service for illegal purposes or in an illegal manner. You must not use this service in a manner that is harmful to others’ rights or violates the law. When using this service, you must comply with the following restrictions:

a) content that damages others’ reputation or rights such as trademark, copyright, etc., 

b) content that violates public order or decency or is illegal, 

c) content with strong political or religious bias,

d) unauthorized commercial use of this service or resources provided by this website, including but not limited to image databases and software, or soliciting advertisers or sponsors, 

e) other violations of the “Terms of Service” of this site.

Section 6. Proprietary Rights

1.All software or content included in this service or linked through this service, or content provided by the company’s advertisers or partners, are protected by copyright or other proprietary rights or laws.

2.When you transmit data to the service provided by the company, you agree that this data is open to all (anyone can view it). You grant and allow the company to reproduce, modify, adapt or use the entire or part of the content in other forms, and use the content to create derivative works. The copyright of derivative works belongs to the company.

3.The company agrees, except as provided in this Terms of Use, to place the above data and derivative works on this website for internet users to view, and to not illegally transfer it for other direct profit-making or infringement of your rights.

  1. All advertising billboards and event information appearing on all websites are owned and operated by the company. Users are not allowed to use all information without prior consent from the company.
  2. The member agrees and authorizes the website to provide the required member information to cooperating units (third parties) for the purpose of providing personalized services or related value-added services within the agreed scope. If the member does not agree to include their data in the list of cooperating unit (third party) products or services, they can notify the website to delete their data from the list and also give up their shopping privileges or award rights outside the website.
  3. At the same time, in order to provide sales, market analysis, statistics, or research, or to provide personalized services or value-added services to members, members agree that the company or its strategic partners may record, preserve, and use the data and records produced or stored by members in the website, and may also publicly or use statistical data without disclosing such information.
  4. With regards to personal data registered by members, members agree that the website may collect, process, store, transmit, and use such data within a reasonable scope to provide users with other information or services, or to create member statistics, or to conduct investigations or marketing research regarding network behavior.

Section 7. Termination of Authorization

The company has the right to terminate your use of the service immediately or permanently without notice if your use of the service violates any laws or terms of use or threatens the rights and interests of the website or third parties.

Section 8. Disclaimer

1.The company reserves the right to stop or interrupt the provision of the service in the following circumstances:

a) when replacing, upgrading, maintaining or repairing related software and hardware;

b) in case of sudden failures of electronic communication equipment;

c) when a natural disaster or other uncontrollable factors cause the website to be unable to provide service.

2.The company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, or derivative damages caused by the use of the service.

3.Users should backup the text, images, and other data they upload on their own; the company is not responsible for any loss or damage to the content due to any reason.

4.The company does not guarantee the use or result of the service and does not guarantee that the related software will be free from defects or will be corrected.

5.The opinions, views, or actions in the company’s platform represent only the user and do not represent the company’s position, and the company is not responsible for any errors in the user’s self-proclaimed identity.

6.The company is not responsible for any illegal acts, such as threats, defamation, obscenity, or others, that may occur through the service or related to the service.

7.Users should take responsibility for any risk involved in purchasing or obtaining goods or services through the service or through the company’s sponsors or advertisers, and should seek compensation from the goods or service provider in accordance with the law. The company is not responsible for any goods or services purchased or obtained through the service.

Section 9. Modification rights

When you start using this service, it indicates that you have fully read, understood and agreed to accept the contents of this clause. The company reserves the right to modify and change the contents of this clause at any time and will not individually notify the members. It is recommended that you check this service clause regularly. If you continue to use this service after the modification and change of this clause, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the modification or change of this clause.The company has the right to temporarily or permanently modify or discontinue the provision of this service to you, and you may not require any compensation for this.

Section 10 . Protection of intellectual property rights

The software, programs and all content on the website used by the company, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, website design, are owned by the company or other rights holders according to law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary technologies.No one shall use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, alter, distribute, perform, publicly publish, perform reverse engineering, decompile or reverse translate. If you wish to quote or reprint the above software, programs or content of the website, you must obtain the prior written consent of this website or other rights holders in accordance with the law. If there is a violation, you should be responsible for compensating the company or other rights holders for damages (including but not limited to litigation expenses and attorney’s fees).

Section 11.  Other Provisions

The disclaimer of this company’s user agreement also constitutes part of these terms of service.

Any disputes arising from the use of this service shall be governed by the Taichung District Court in Taiwan as the first trial jurisdiction.

If your use of this service results in an investigation or prosecution by a third party or government agency, the company has the right to seek damages from you, including but not limited to litigation fees, attorney fees, and loss of reputation.

The company will inform members in an appropriate manner before any foreseeable hardware maintenance operations that may cause system interruptions or suspensions.

Section 12, Member Obligation to Terminate and Notify the Company:

The company has the right to change the content of any service or terminate the account service of any member.

If a member decides to terminate the membership of the company, he/she may directly notify the company by email or cancel through the mechanism provided by the company, and the company will promptly delete your member information.

The member has the obligation to notify the cancellation of the company’s membership and to stop the membership from the day he/she stops (based on the date of issuance of the company’s email), losing all the privileges and benefits provided by this service.

To avoid malicious events causing loss of member rights, when the member informs the company to stop the membership, the company will again confirm by email and then proceed to delete the member’s qualification.

  1. 當您使⽤本服務時,即表⽰您同意及遵守本服務條款的規定事項及相關法律之規定。
  2. 本公司保留有審核加入會員資格之權利,另外已加入會員者,本站亦保留有解除其會員資格之權利。
  3. 本會員服務條款之修訂,適⽤於所有會員,當本站修訂本服務條款時,將於本站上公告。


  1. 使⽤本公司所提供之會員服務時,於加入會員時所登錄之帳號及密碼使⽤之。
  2. 會員須善盡帳號及密碼的使⽤與管理之責任。對於使⽤該會員之帳號及密碼(無關於會員本⾝或其他⼈)利⽤本公司服務所造成或衍⽣之所有⾏為及結果,會員須⾃⾏負擔全部責任。
  3. 會員之帳號及密碼遺失,或發現無故遭第三者盜⽤時,應立即通知本公司連絡掛失,因未即時通知,導致本公司無法有效防⽌及修改時,所造成的所有損失,會員應⾃負全責。
  4. 每次結束使⽤本服務,執⾏會員之登出並關閉視窗,以確保您的會員權益。
  5. 盜⽤第三者會員之帳號及密碼,導致第三者或本公司遭其他第三⼈或⾏政機關之調查或追訴時,第三者會員或本公司有權向您請求損害賠償,包括但不限於訴訟費⽤、律師費及商譽損失等。
  1. 會員登錄資料須提供您本⼈正確、最新及完整的資料。
  2. 會員登錄資料不得有偽造、不實等之情事(ex如個⼈資料及信⽤卡資料),⼀經發現本公司可拒絕其加入會員資格之權利。並得以暫停或終⽌其會員資格,若違反中華⺠國相關法律,亦將依法追究。
  3. 會員基本資料(ex:住址,電話及其他登錄資料)有變更時,請不定期更新相關個⼈資料,確保其正確及完整性。若您提供的資料有錯誤或不符等現象,本公司有權暫停或終⽌您的帳號,並拒絕您繼續使⽤本服務。
  4. 未經會員本⼈同意,本公司原則上不會將涉及個⼈隱私之資料開⽰給第三者,唯資料共⽤原則…等不在此限(請參閱本站「隱私權保護聲明」相關規定)。
  5. 會員應妥善保管密碼,不可將密碼洩露或提供給他⼈知道或使⽤;以同⼀個會員⾝分證字號和密碼使⽤本服務所進⾏的所有⾏為,都將被認為是該會員本⼈和密碼持有⼈的⾏為。
  6. 會員如果發現或懷疑有第三⼈使⽤其會員⾝分證字號或密碼,應該立即通知本公司,採取必要的必要的防範措施。但上述通知不得解釋為本公司對會員負有任何形式之賠償或補償之責任或義務。
  1. 您使⽤本服務之⼀切⾏為必須符合當地或國際相關法令規範;對於使⽤者的⼀切⾏為,您須⾃⾏負擔全部責任。
  2. 您同意絕不為非法之⽬的或以非法⽅式使⽤本服務,與確實遵守中華⺠國相關法規及網際網路之國際慣例,並保證不得利⽤本服務從事侵害他⼈權益或違法之⾏為。
  3. 您於使⽤本公司會員服務時應遵守以下限制:

a) 有損他⼈⼈格或商標權、著作權等智慧財產權或其他權利內容。

b) 使⽤違反公共秩序或善良風俗或其他不法之⽂字。

c) 強烈政治、宗教⾊彩的偏激⾔論。

d) 未經本公司許可,不得利⽤本服務或本網站所提供其他資源,包括但不限於圖⽂資料庫、編寫製作 網⾴之軟體等,從事任何商業交易⾏為,或招攬廣告商或贊助⼈。

e) 其他違反本站「會員服務條款」的內容。

  1. 本服務所載,或本服務所連結之⼀切軟體或內容,或本公司之廣告商或合夥⼈所提供之內容,均受其著作權或其他專有權利或法律所保障。
  2. 當您傳輸資料⾄本公司提供之服務時,您即同意此⼀資料為全開放性(任何⼈均可瀏覽)。您授權並許可本公司得以重製、修飾、改編或以其他形式使⽤該內容之全部或⼀部分,及利⽤該內容製作衍⽣著作。衍⽣著作之著作權悉歸本公司所有。
  3. 本公司同意除依本使⽤條款約定,將前述您的資料及衍⽣著作置於本網站供網路使⽤者瀏覽,以及本公司所屬相關媒體外,絕不非法轉供其他直接營利⽬的或侵害您的權利之使⽤。
  4. 所有網⾴之⾴⾯出現之廣告看板與活動訊息,所有權及經營權均為本公司所有,使⽤者除事先取得本公司同意外,不得⾃⾏使⽤所有訊息。
  5. 會員同意並授權本網站,得為提供個⼈化服務或相關加值服務之⽬的,提供所需之會員資料給合作單位(第三者)做約定範圍內之運⽤,如會員不同意將其資料列於合作單位(第三者)產品或服務名單內,可通知本網站於名單中刪除其資料,並同時放棄其本網站以外之購物優惠或獲獎權利。
  6. 同時為提供⾏銷、市場分析、統計或研究、或為提供會員個⼈化服務或加值服務之⽬的,會員同意本公司、或本公司之策略合作夥伴,得記錄、保存、並利⽤會員在本網站所留存或產⽣之資料及記錄,同時在不揭露各該資料之情形下得公開或使⽤統計資料。
  7. 對於會員所登錄之個⼈資料,會員同意本網站得於合理之範圍內蒐集、處理、保存、傳遞及使⽤該等資料,以提供使⽤者其他資訊或服務、或作成會員統計資料、或進⾏關於網路⾏為之調查或⾏銷研究。


  1. 下列情形發⽣時,本公司有權可以停⽌、中斷提供本服務:

a) 對本服務相關軟硬體設備進⾏更換、升級、保養或施⼯時。

b) 發⽣突發性之電⼦通信設備故障時。

c) 天災或其他不可抗⼒之因素致使本網站無法提供服務時。

  1. 本公司對於使⽤者在使⽤本服務或使⽤本服務所致⽣之任何直接、間接、衍⽣之財產或非財產之損害,不負賠償責任。
  2. 使⽤者對於上傳留⾔之⽂字、圖片及其它資料,應⾃⾏備份;本公司對於任何原因導致其內容全部或⼀部之滅失、毀損,不負任何責任。
  3. 本公司對使⽤本服務之⽤途或所產⽣的結果,不負任何保證責任,亦不保證與本服務相關之軟體無缺失或會予以修正。
  4. 對於您在本公司中的所有⾔論、意⾒或⾏為僅代表您個⼈;不代表本公司的立場,本公司不負任何責任。本公司對於使⽤者所⾃稱之⾝分,不擔保其正確性。
  5. 本公司無須對發⽣於本服務或透過本服務所涉及之任何恐嚇、誹謗、淫穢或其他⼀切不法⾏為對您或任何⼈負責。
  6. 對於您透過本服務所購買或取得,或透過本公司之贊助者或廣告商所刊登、銷售或交付之任何貨品或服務,您應⾃⾏承擔其可能風險或依法向商品或服務提供者交涉求償,與本公司完全無關,本公司均不負任何責任。
  1. 當您開始使⽤本服務時,即表⽰您已充分閱讀、瞭解與同意接受本條款之內容。本公司有權於任何時間修改與變更本條款之內容,並將不個別通知會員,建議您定期查閱本服務條款。如您於本條款修改與變更後仍繼續使⽤本服務,則視為您已閱讀、瞭解與同意接受本條款修改或變更。
  2. 本公司有權暫時或永久修改或中⽌提供本服務給您,您不得因此要求任何賠償。
  1. 本公司所使⽤之軟體、程式及網站上所有內容,包括但不限於著作、圖片、檔案、資訊、資料、網站 架構、網⾴設計,均由本公司或其他權利⼈依法擁有其智慧財產權,包括但不限於商標權、專利權、著作權、營業秘密與專有技術等。
  2. 任何⼈不得逕⾏使⽤、修改、重製、公開播送、改作、散布、發⾏、公開發表、進⾏還原⼯程、解編 或反向組譯。如欲引⽤或轉載前述之軟體、程式或網站內容,必須依法取得本網站或其他權利⼈的事前書⾯同意。如有違反之情事,您應對本公司或其他權利⼈負損害賠償責任(包括但不限於訴訟費⽤及律師費⽤等)。
  1. 本公司使⽤者條約,免責之內容,亦構成本使⽤條款之⼀部分。
  2. 凡因使⽤本服務所⽣之爭執,均以台灣臺中地⽅法院為第⼀審管轄法院。
  3. 若因您使⽤本服務之任何⾏為,導致本公司遭第三⼈或⾏政機關之調查或追訴時,本公司有權向您請求損害賠償,包括但不限於訴訟費⽤、律師費及商譽損失等。
  4. 本公司針對可預知之軟硬體維護⼯作,有可能導致系統中斷或是暫停者,將會於該狀況發⽣前,以適當之⽅式告知會員。
  1. 本公司具有更改各項服務內容或終⽌任⼀會員帳⼾服務之權利。
  2. 若會員決定終⽌本公司會員資格,可直接以電⼦郵件的⽅式通知本公司或是由本公司所提供之機制進⾏取消,本公司將儘快註銷您的會員資料。
  3. 會員有通知取消本公司會員資格之義務,並⾃停⽌本公司會員⾝份之⽇起(以本公司電⼦郵件發出⽇期為準),喪失所有本服務所提供之優惠及權益。